September 14, 2015

Fall is unable to break free

Acacia seat sleep, pillow Acacia dream, if you have heard; close your eyes no longer see the empty, full of sweet are all falling into the abyss after the bustling black hole, in fact, just inside the sentimental indulgence catharsis. Gorgeous fireworks, solitary v delivery, if you hear; open your eyes no longer feel the sting of the sun, no sky dark cloud was a dark hazy, melancholy soul is only revealed extreme calm.

Miss just a greedy ambitions, if you have heard; parting heartbroken just gained a lot of far-fetched in appearance, please forgive me now uninhibited debauchery, cherishing his life may be just drunken melancholy upset, but less blindly emotion pure wine. People say that Acacia had no wrong in the fall. If you have heard; all life is lonely, smile always be buried. Smile always too contrived, shackles at night soul forever, will not be alone, tears in his eyes flashing is brought back memories of the trauma, it begins once you lovingly.

Originally, only the eyes of others jokes alive, unable to feel earthly rapid changes, indulge in self-cold world used to seeing other people's abuse. If you have heard; I was too confused obsession, or how the World Wind Kusakabe not, and the hearts of your care. Say, the years streamer spring a first glance, if you have heard; consuming Love, just to fill the hearts of your lost a blank. In order to outline the tough love every stroke, if you spoke, you become a gray hair black hair.

Slowly soul paralyzed, unable to change, love may no longer be at a loss is still hope, if you have heard; early showers sunny sunny, tranquil and safe listening to pleasant things grow naturally, but only hidden in the dream Lane became a want and you tell the secret. Loved never hated, blamed never repent, if you have heard; bustling thanked infestation encounter turned bleak lonely, is reborn in anger crazy obsession, but also a loss or no co-nothing that is cowardly, As the autumn mood, Cecil strands falling every corner of the earth. Quiet romantic places in the passage of light years, resting in the cycle of despair miss if the loss, if you have heard; edge to everything, but wine in a dream, a look back if parting, why should hard to lust after that Hunxiao diffuse scattered soul.


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